Benefits of Registration

Corporation Tax exempt

Corporation tax rules, codes and regulations do not apply to registered subjects of the Crown. Corporation rules such as payroll tax, land tax, GST, etc. are not applicable to registered subjects of the Crown.

Corporation Council Fees/Fines exempt

No corporation ‘council’ fees, fines, rates, obligations, etc apply to registered subjects of the Crown.

Corporation Contracts exempt 

No corporation contract binds a registered subject of the Crown.  It does not matter whether a corporate contact is implied or otherwise.  Similarly, corporation imposed fines for speeding, parking, etc. do not apply to registered subjects of the Crown. 

Corporation Rules, Codes and Practices exempt 

No corporation rule, code or practice applies to a registered subject of the Crown, which includes corporation road rules, corporation regulations on land use, summary offences not assented to by our reigning Monarch.

Private trading and banking

You can open an anonymous account with re registry which will allow you to receive funds invest funds and trade and transact funds anonymously … The Royal registry master/visa cards that are issued to you are numbered and allow  for full access to your money anywhere in the world without the need for identification.

You can also pay accounts through the registry either between members  ( totally private ) or non member corporations.

Your deposited funds are converted into gold and are secure from bank collapse or gov corp interference.