Crown Gold

Banking / Trading System

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Upon registration you have exclusive access to the newly established banking/trading and payment system;

  • private
  • secure
  • encrypted
  • gold-backed


​1.  Your account is private with your contact details known only to the Registry

​2.  Your funds are secured in a numbered and coded account known only to the Registry

​3.  Your transactions are encrypted via specifically designed app and unable to be accessed by any unauthorised entity

​4.  Your funds cannot be seized or accessed by any unauthorised entity including corporate taxation, corporate councils, etc. as it rests outside the jurisdiction of these entities

​5.  Your funds are immediately converted to gold/silver and are held in the vaults of the approved bullion company

​6.  We provide a VISA card which has a number specific to you instead of your name, which allows your to use the card anonymously anywhere in the world where VISA is accepted

​7.  Upon request, we can provide any denomination of silver/gold coins to be used in place of fiat cash at all outlets displaying the Royal Registry de Jure emblem

​8.  Any amount can be deposited to your account including payments made to you by your employer and/or business customers

​9.  All information and transactions are conducted over a secure, private and encrypted server to ensure your anonymity

​If you are registered with Royal Registry and have your registration number (top right corner of your certificate) and wish to open an account, please email and insert BANKING and your registration number in the subject field and a Steward will be in touch with you.